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My Victorem Starter is your first step in the right direction. Whether you are taking your first step to becoming a trading master or are a seasoned market-veteran. Victorem Starter is the best way to bring you up to speed so you can start making money alongside myself and our live chatroom day in and day out. You will learn about all the interworking of the market. This is the best place to start a new chapter in your trading journey. This is also the best place to give your trading career a necessary boost with the weekly mentoring and review sessions. 

Victorem Pro Course

Complete with a full suite video course, teaching you the basics of the market. As you move through the course and each of its respective section, you will come to fully understand how to consistently profit in the stock market. 

Take your trading out of this world with my weekly mentoring and review sessions. Bring all your questions and all your data and lets work together to make you the best trader possible. This is by far the quickest way to jumpstart your success. 

Weekly Mentoring and Reviews Sessions

Personalize your trading journey with weekly individual and group mentoring and review. Get hands on coaching tips and tricks while I work alongside you to ensure you are on the right track to becoming successful in the stock market that much faster. Taking the extra step and applying everything you will learn in each carefully curated session will put you miles ahead of any other trader. And trading is a game of what you put in is what you get out. 

Live Discord Chat Room

Watch and learn every day with direct access to the mentor himself. See exactly what I am doing and train your brain to think like mine. A typical trading day encompasses hands-on commentary from 8:00 am – 10:00 am Central time. During this time, I cover which stocks I am watching, what is moving, and where I am looking to profit from. After utilizing the video library, you will have a thorough understanding of how I trade and will skip years of training and educational hardship that you would’ve endured if you were on this journey alone. Surround yourself with pros and become one yourself. 

Video Library

The video library is where the money is at. I have combined each and every book I have read, course I have taken, seminars I have attended, and mentor I have learned from and put it all together. The video library is comprised of 6 sections.

Crash Course 1 – Beginning Market Theory and Understanding

Crash Course 2 – Advanced Market Pricing and Learning How to Trade

Strategy 1 – The Ultimate Day Traders Course

Strategy 2 – The Guide to Swing Trading

Strategy 3 – Long-Term Passive Investing in a Nutshell

Trade Questions – Have a Question? Get a personalized video response uploaded the day of

Weekly Watchlist

Each and every weekly watchlist is a result of screening over 7,000 stocks! Yes, you heard that right. Every single week you will get a watchlist sent directly to your inbox containing some of the hottest stocks in the market. These weekly watchlists are meant to be used for strategies ranging from day trading to month-long holds. With the knowledge and power of the live chatroom and video library, you will be able to make your own decisions and get professional opinions on them too.

Each watchlist had three categories. 

Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter breaks all the confusing news and jargon down into a boiled-down quick-to-read email. Understand what is exactly going on in the market and what matters the most. The Weekly Newsletter is broken down into three sections. 

What I have seen this past week and how my trading style has been.

What I expect going forward and how I am planning for it.

What risks are present and what is likely to happen in the near future.

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